Luke Weil on the Legal Responsibilities Associated With Foreign Investment Opportunities

Foreign investment opportunities offer a great deal of positive potential outcomes as long as the investor has done his or her due diligence and is entirely confident in the likelihood of generating a sizable return on that investment. Luke Weil, an investor whose experience includes a number of overseas investment endeavors, notes that the level… Read More »

Groza Learning Center Discusses Potential Impact of Assessment Strategies on Standardized Testing

There are few things more frustrating to a student than spending hours upon hours studying in advance of an important exam only to perform well below expectations. This can often lead a student to question the value of placing so much energy into their studies, and it may even cause some to lose confidence in… Read More »

Fahad Alrajaan Cautions Businesses Against Engaging in Extralegal Activities

The most successful businesses are always on the lookout for ways to get ahead. Whether it is something as simple as taking advantage of a market inefficiency or investing in developing streamlined and cost-efficient processes, it is incredibly common for executives in leadership positions to explore every possible avenue in which profitability can be enhanced… Read More »